Bathampton Primary School

EverybodyBelongs ~ Aspires ~ Thrives

Vision and Values

Bathampton School Vision


Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and create the environment in which our pupils thrive.


Our journey to articulate our school vision


As a community school, we wanted to ensure that all voices had the opportunity to contribute to the review and development of a shared school vision. The initial feedback we received has been captured below. Please take a look at what our community feels best reflects our school both now and in the future.


The feedback collected became the foundations of our school vision and curriculum drivers. Our children shaped our final vision statement and the school leadership crew worked with our link governor to articulate our curriculum drivers.


Our Bathampton School Vision 


Everybody Belongs, Aspires, Thrives


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We celebrate uniqueness. We are empowered to challenge ourselves and each other to make a difference in our school, our community, and in the world.



Our Bathampton School Values 


Respect ~ Teamwork ~ Kindness ~ Resilience ~ Creativity ~ Curiosity



Our Bathampton Curriculum Drivers


Unique Citizens

Healthy Citizens

Enterprising Citizens

World Citizens 


Our Drivers are underpinned by Community.


Our School Leadership Crew have worked together articulate each of our drivers bringing them to life as the golden threads woven through our Bathampton Curriculum. You can read our children's description of each driver below.




Community is at the heart of everything we do.
All the people working together where we live.
The children, staff, family, friends and everyone nearby.  

All the people who live near us are our community. 

Whatever age, background or differences they may have from us.

We will be responsible by helping people in need in our community and by always being kind.


Unique Citizens

We are all special in our own way.  We are proud of who we are.
Celebrate who you are and what you believe.  Be yourself no matter what.
Show respect for each other and for every difference.
Everyone is welcome.  Celebrate and understand differences.
Put yourself in other people’s shoes to understand them.  
Be kind to people whatever differences they may have and help them if we can. 
Two thumbs up for celebrating differences.



Healthy Citizens

Feel safe. Feel good about yourself.
Eat the rainbow.  Eat 5 a day. Eat foods with slow release energy.  
Be social. Spend time having fun with friends and family. 
Get fresh air. Spend time in nature.
Run your legs and your mind and stay healthy in your head as well as your body.
Keep fit. Be active to keep your heart pumping.



Enterprising Citizens

Grow yourself. Take responsibility for your learning.

You choose to be your best. Take pride in what you do.
Have ideas. Work together to solve problems.
Respect and listen to other people.

Inspire and help other people on their journey through life.
Make and be good with money.
Make a difference in our school, our community, and in the world.
Get ready to grow up.

World Citizens 

Learn about news and events in the world.
Understand, talk about and act on problems in the world today, both near and far.  We have a voice.  We have the right to say something.
Respect the world, the animals and the ocean.  Help not harm.  Help the world, animals and the ocean to survive.
Do what we can to help people in need. 
Do what we can to help the world flourish.  
Share what we have with each other.
Do what you can for the world from where you are in the world.   



School Vision

Community Voice