Bathampton Primary School

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Modern Foreign Languages


We believe that learning a Modern Foreign Language is a liberation from insularity. We want children to be curious to learn about other countries and languages, whilst having respect for the differences they find and in doing so provide an opening to other cultures and deepen their kindness and understanding of the world.


We want children to be curious and enjoy learning languages and be able to communicate for practical purposes and in a meaningful context. All Key stage 2 children in our school have a French pen pal from the Lime Tree school in Lyon, France. This provides the opportunities for the children to make the learning of French meaningful and rich. Children will need to show resilience to take on a new language. They will develop their creativity by expressing themselves through a new language. We hope that by learning a language at an early age this will lay the foundation for learning further languages, equipping pupils to study, travel and work in other countries.

French Curriculum at Bathampton