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Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education at Bathampton aims to develop:


  • Pupils that are questioning, curious and in awe of the world around them
  • Pupils that explore religious and non-religious beliefs, practices and traditions with sensitivity and respect
  • Pupils that have the opportunity to explore life’s big questions in a safe, engaging and creative way


Through creative and engaging lessons that start with children’s own questions, responses or beliefs, we aim to teach about the main Religious and Non-Religious beliefs that enrich the society we live in. We follow the Bath and North Somerset Agreed Syllabus framework- Awareness Mystery and Value 2016. We explore the key religious faiths alongside non-religious beliefs. We aim to reflect the community values and commitments within the local area whilst broadening children’s awareness and understanding of national and global issues. We aim to use Religious Education as an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, develop empathy and recognise communality.


We encourage parents and visitors to contribute to RE learning in school to bring the curriculum to life and to share the beliefs of the community we work in.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from R.E. lessons. Any parent considering withdrawal of a child from this element of the curriculum is encouraged to discuss this with the Head of School.