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Ofsted report 2011-2010


Parents and their children are always welcome to visit the school. Please ring the office ( tel: 01225 465229 ) to make an appointment to talk to the Headteacher or for a look around. (Due to COVID, please use our virtual tours for the time being)
Joining Bathampton Primary

Joining Bathampton Primary School

The school year starts in September.  It is recommended that, whenever possible, parents apply for a place for their child within the standard timescale, making Bathampton Primary School their first choice, in order to optimise their chances of getting a place for their child.

Parents are of course welcome to apply for a place at other points in the school year; for example, if the family is moving into the area. In that case, it is recommended that parents enquire at the school and not the Local Authority about any places that may be available.