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English Writing


At Bathampton, our curriculum is centred on our school vision and values. Our friendly and inclusive learning environment nurtures self-belief and enhances potential.


Vision: Our aim is to develop children as writers, enabling them to become imaginative, articulate and authentic communicators. Children are encouraged to be life-long learners by being equipped with the basic skills for writing. Children develop an understanding of how writing is used in everyday life. They understand the relevance of developing their writing skills and the value of writing in a range of contexts.


Writing in the classroom: The planning and teaching of our writing lessons follow the Talk for Writing approach which immerses children in a text through oracy.  A key feature is that children internalise the language structures needed to write through ‘talking the text’, as well as close reading. The approach moves from dependence towards independence, with the teacher using shared and guided teaching to develop the ability in children to write creatively and powerfully.


The writing process involves experimentation with language and sentence structure through teacher modelling, shared writing and class discussion. Following this, children plan, write and edit; final pieces of independent writing are written into a child’s Big Write book which is a celebration of all their independent pieces and a book they can be proud of.


Throughout the year children will cover a range of genres and complete 12 pieces of independent writing. The long-term overview for the school can be found below. 


Alongside this we encourage children to be curious about our language, where words come from and how they have developed. We use ‘No nonsense’ spelling to develop children’s interest in the English language and to teach a secure understanding of spelling rules and patterns as well as the statutory words from the National Curriculum.

English Reading


“Reading is a passport to countless adventures”    Mary Pope Osborne


Reading is celebrated and encouraged at Bathampton, and recognised as a fundamental skill for life-long learning.  We embrace reading opportunities, in reading lessons and across the curriculum, with the aim that all children become confident, fluent readers. 


Our classes are full of readers - we think of reading as an adventure into learning.  We read class novels, have regular reading lessons, book activities such as World Book Day celebrations and author visits.  We recommend books to each other and read to further our knowledge across the curriculum. Books and texts are at the heart of our curriculum.  


Children at Bathampton are encouraged to find out more, with curiosity being one of our core values.  The recent funding into our new library supports this as we have a rich and diverse range of reading material which all children can access, linked to topics and interests. 


Our reading curriculum is carefully mapped out so that children recall links to previous learning, and progress in small steps to ambitious endpoints.  We teach the skills of reading through Little Wandle Letters and sounds systematic synthetic phonics programme.  In KS2 we build up reading skills in whole class reading lessons.  We support children who may need to revisit areas of the reading curriculum with same day and planned interventions.  


Our school values are shown in reading every day.  At Bathampton children are respectful and kind to each other in reading lessons, and listen carefully to others read and their points of view.  Teamwork shines through - older children read with younger children from different classes, group work and discussion is valued, and children support each other in lessons.  Children show creativity with their thinking, asking and answering questions, and wanting to find out more.  In reading the children show resilience by reading a wide range of genres, and not giving up if they find something difficult.  We work together to support one another when reading at our school.  


Bathampton Reading Progression Map