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English Curriculum Video

English Writing


At Bathampton, our curriculum is centred on our school vision and values. Our friendly and inclusive learning environment nurtures self-belief and enhances potential.


We aim to help children develop as writers, enabling them to become imaginative and articulate communicators. Children are encouraged to be life-long learners by being equipped with the basic skills for writing. 


Children develop an understanding of how writing is used in everyday life. They understand the relevance of developing their writing skills and the value of writing in a range of contexts.

English Reading


Children are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their reading skills.  Reading is prioritised because we believe it is a fundamental skill for life-long learning. Reading is embedded throughout the curriculum so children can value its importance.


We use a range of techniques to teach reading such as phonics, Individual Reading, Guided Reading and Whole-Class Reading.   In addition to teaching reading skills, we ensure that children understand the books and texts, which they read.  Books and texts are at the heart of our topics.  Within our topics, we ensure that children can make links with the texts they are reading and understand the relevance and purpose. We offer a rich and diverse range of reading material for children to access. 


We aim to ensure children become confident and fluent readers. 

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures.”


Mary Pope Osborne