Bathampton Primary School

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Art and Design

Art and Design provides children with the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas in a visual or tactile form. It facilitates and ignites the children’s imaginations and acts as a fundamental means of personal expression, giving children opportunities to experiment with colour, shape, pattern, composition and texture.


Children explore and develop their ideas within an inclusive and supportive environment. Through a mixture of experimentation and planning children formulate their own style and approach to art and design. Children learn a vast toolkit of techniques as well as a growing awareness of the history of art and diverse cultures. We believe that all children should fulfil their artistic potential and can enjoy art as a result of encouragement, experience and collaboration.


Respect - learning about the history of art, art from different cultures and respected artists. Thinking about the feelings of the artist and how they are expressing themselves. 

Curiosity - Exploring and experimenting using a variety of methods and materials. Bringing them together to create different effects. 

Creativity - Developing techniques, using different materials and expressing their ideas and feelings. 

Kindness - Evaluating and sharing positive and productive feedback. 

Resilience - Developing their own ideas by researching, planning, developing and evaluating. 

Teamwork - Working together to share ideas, techniques and develop ideas. 


This is our art project, Exploring Taotie Motifs, which is linked to the Dynamic Dynasties topic.

We have learnt about the significance and art of the taotie motif, including ancient and contemporary casting methods. We designed our own taotie motif, then created a plasticine mould. We poured plaster onto the mould which was left to harden. We could then peel away the mould to leave a plaster relief.

Adder Class -Sketching Techniques

Acorn Class Art Inspired by a Study of trailblazing artists linked to our Maafa topic

Willow Class Weaving