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Welcome to Reception

In Reception, Mrs Lee and Mrs Grice are the class teachers. Mrs Lee teaches on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays and Mrs Grice teaches on alternate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They are supported by Mr Webb and Miss Rizzo.


Our PE days this term are Monday and Thursday. Please come to school wearing your PE kit on these days.


Forest School is on a Friday afternoon.  Please come to school wearing old clothing and waterproof coats plus trousers on these days.  Children can wear their wellington boots that are already in school.


Our topic during Term 5 is Animal Safari. In this project, your child will learn about incredible animals that live worldwide. They will explore various animal habitats and compare the animals that live there with animals in their locality. They will learn how to care for pets and what all animals need to grow, survive and stay happy and healthy. They will explore animal features and find out how they survive in the wild. They will compare the ways that animals are similar and different.

Supporting your child at home

  • Go on a local safari to find out about the animals that live in your garden or local park.
  • Look at animals from around the world, discuss your favourite animals and find out some fantastic facts.


This topic encompass all areas of the EYFS curriculum: 

  • Communication and Language 
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design 



We follow Little Wandle to teach Phonics. This term, we will start teaching Phase 4.  Children will learn how to read and spell longer words containing adjacent consonants, such as 'frog' and 'spring', and decodable words with two or more syllables, such as 'lunchbox'

Please click the link for more information:



Our Talk 4 Writing text this term is Handa's Surprise. You can find our story map and text below.



We follow White Rose for Maths; this term we are focusing on:

Length, Height and Time 

Step 5 Talk about time 

Step 6 Order and sequence time 

Counting, ordinality and cardinality

Focus on the ‘staircase’ pattern and ordering numbers

Explore 3D Shapes 

Step 1 Recognise and name 3-D shapes

Step 2 Find 2-D shapes within 3-D shapes

Step 3 Use 3-D shapes for tasks

Step 4 3-D shapes in the environment

Step 5 Identify more complex patterns

Step 6 Copy and continue patterns

Step 7 Patterns in the environment


Focus on ordering of numbers to 8

Use language of more than and less than




Doubles – explore how some numbers can be made with 2 equal parts

Sorting numbers according to attributes - odd and even numbers

Supporting your child at home

Each week, your child will bring home a Sound Book, which outlines what we are learning during our daily phonics sessions in school and hopefully provides a helpful reference point for you to practise and reinforce our learning at home. It explains how we teach pronunciation and letter formation and suggests words that you could practise blending.


Your child will also bring home a decodable reading book, which we have already explored in small groups in school; please read frequently with your child - we are aiming for fluency! They will also bring home a high quality sharing book from our library. Explore the pictures and talk about them together. Help your child make connections to the picture and what they know about the world and their life. Enjoy the book together! Sharing a book together will help your child grow their vocabulary. 



Books will come home every Thursday and should be returned the following Tuesday.

Library books will be changed every Tuesday.



Photos of our classroom

Useful Documents for Reception

Recommended Reads for Reception

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