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Ofsted report 2011-2010

Local Community

Bathampton Primary School is well-rooted in the community, with strong links to the local population.

St Nicholas’ Church

The school celebrates Christian festivals within the church and the vicar visits the school to lead lively, engaging assemblies.

‘The school is a lynchpin of the community here. It is an inclusive school, bringing together children and parents from disparate backgrounds.’ parent

Playgroup and nursery

The Reception Class teachers visit the local playgroup and nursery so that the children there get to know them and make an easier transition to school. The Reception teachers will also make home visits (on request) for children who don’t attend the local nursery or playgroup.

Dry Arch Growers

The local growing project Dry Arch Growers, led by a parent volunteer, is within easy walking distance and the children visit in class groups. They are encouraged to plant, cook and eat produce grown there.

School events

Local businesses and residents are encouraged to support and attend our fairs, fêtes and evening socials.

‘The school most certainly has an air of community, care, personality and a feeling that pupils are the priority.’ parent

Covid-related Playing Out on Tyning Road (October 2020)

We are currently consulting residents about their views as to whether we might be able to use Tyning Road for parents to stand on safely during pick up during these socially-distanced times. Please find our letter to residents here.