Bathampton Primary School

Together on a Learning Adventure

Our School Day

A typical school day at Bathampton looks like this:


8:40am - the doors open for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

8.50am -  the register is taken ( gates close and all children should now be in school. Arrival after this time is now recorded as 'late' and children must report to the office)

9:00am - Session 1 starts and this is usually Maths, English Phonics or PE 


10:30-10.50am – Playtime 

10.50am – Session 2 starts and this is usually  Maths, English Phonics or PE


12.00-1.00pm- Lunchtime- children can bring a packed lunch or have school dinners

1.00pm - Afternoon Registration

1.15 pm - Session 3 starts                       

2.00pm - Afternoon Playtime

2.10pm- Fifth learning Session

3.00pm - Class Story

3.15pm - School ends


12:15pm – Lunchtime – children can bring a packed lunch or have school dinners

1:15pm – Afternoon Registration

1.20pm - The afternoon session starts with Whole Class Guided Reading and then could be a topic lesson, PE or anything from our curriculum

3:15pm – School ends