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History is the story of where we have come from. It helps us understand our culture, our relationship with the wider world and our rights and responsibilities. By providing children with the knowledge of their historical past, we enable them to better understand the world today. Our aim is to ignite their curiosity by providing them with a range of experiences both practical and investigative where they are encouraged to find out and ask questions about the past. We broaden the field of experiences and expertise by making effective use of our historic locality and also invite in local expertise to help bring history to life.


Our history curriculum embodies our school values: A curiosity of the what life might have been like in the past and a fascination of how it has helped to shape where we are now. Respect for primary sources of knowledge and the amazing clues they give us. Learning kindness from the mistakes we have made in the past. Developing teamwork to come up with ways to understand and interpret our past. Growing in resilience as we try to unpick the unsolved clues that we still need to find answers to.

We are curious and ask great questions

We like to handle artefacts

We use the Wiltshire Library Service to enhance our learning

We like to dress up

We invite in experts

We are creative and make things to show our understanding

Class Trips make learning fun

History and Geography Bathampton Curriculum