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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Clubs


In addition to our curriculum and outside play, children can take part in other extra curricular clubs either at lunch times or after school. It is important that children get a chance to discover what they are good at and enjoy!

We are really pleased to bring you the extra-curricular club offer for Term 2.


These clubs are to offer wider opportunities and can be cancelled at short notice due to weather and coach illness so should never be seen as an alternative to wrap around care.

Due to low sign ups, clubs may be unable to run and may be cancelled due to the costs of employing coaches.


Please note that all clubs will start from Week 1 - Week commencing 30th October*

All after school clubs will run from 15:15 - 16:15


For this term's offer see the timetable below.

Term 2 Timetable

Booking Details - Please book using the links and letters below.


Formula Football  
Y3/4 – Monday Lunchtimes 
Y1/2 -Tuesday Lunchtimes 
Y5/6 – Thursday Lunchtimes 

For all age groups, Book Here!

For any booking queries/cancellations, please contact the club directly. 



Up and Under


Girls Football  - Lunchtime - Fixtures - coming soon!

Laser Tag. - Afterschool New for 2023!
Booking available on Parent Pay. 

For any booking cancellations, please contact the school office. Bookings are non refundable.


Progressive Sports - All Year groups

Tuesday - Archery - All Year groups

Thursday - Dodgeball - All Year groups
Book Here!
For any booking queries/cancellations, please contact the club directly.



Next Generation Coaching

Tag Rugby  - Tuesday Lunchtime - Fixtures - coming soon!

Basketball - Wednesday Lunchtime - New for 2023!
Booking available on Parent Pay. 


Little Dancers

Book your place using the letter below. 

Friday Lunch time

Y1-6 12.20-12.50am

For any booking queries/cancellations, please contact the club directly. 


Friday Lunchtime - Woodland Crafts

Head to the woods to create and make during lunch. From bubble wands to woodland spinners - A new craft each week.


Thank you for reading this information and if you have any further questions, please do let us know. 

Music activities


All classes have music lessons as part of the curriculum. In addition, both group and individual lessons are available for pupils from Year 1-Year 6 for instruments such as the recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, violin, and cello, from the Music Service at BANES. Please use link to book:

‘We love the fact that the children are challenged in every aspect from academic to social skills and celebrating extra-curricular success – the teachers really do see the children holistically and they care for them too.’



‘The school buzzes with a vast array of opportunities, and pupils are keen to contribute to everything that happens.’


‘Pupils are very aware of how to keep healthy and the take-up of sporting activity after school is high.’