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School Council

Classes vote for their Councillors


At Bathampton we have a strong, committed School Council. The School Council is made up of children from Years 1-6. The children are voted to be Councillors by their class and to make sure this is fair, children cannot be voted twice during their schooling.


The Council meet with the Head Teacher once a fortnight. They have a regular agenda and work on current school choices and debates. Recent decision making includes; a child-friendly anti-bullying policy, input into the new school rules as part of the Behaviour Policy and helping choose the new Friends-funded play equipment.


The School Council has been on trips to the Regional Modeshift Star Awards in Bristol picking up BANES Active Travel Primary School of the Year award two years running. They also represented our school by visiting The Houses of Parliament, which was a wonderful experience.


If you would like to find out about recent meetings please click below.