Bathampton Primary School

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Ravens - Year 1

Welcome to Raven Class


In Year 1, Mrs Lake is the class teacher. We are supported by Mrs Kelley, Miss Sloan and Miss Lyons.


Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday. Please come to school wearing your PE kit on these days.


Our Forest School date this term is Wednesday 5th October. Please come to school on this day wearing outdoor clothes, appropriate for the weather.



Our topic for term 1 is Our Wonderful World. Please find the unit Knowledge organiser below.

We will be exploring physical and human features, maps, cardinal compass points, and positional and directional language. The children will learn about the equator, hemispheres and continents and are introduced to the countries, capital cities and settlements of the United Kingdom. The children will also carry out simple fieldwork to find out about local, physical and human features.

During the term we will read and explore a range of books. These include Here We Are, The Train Ride and The Wild Woods.


The topic will also flow through our wider curriculum as we explore:

  • In English, we will be covering story writing and recount writing
  • In Art we will study basic colour theory: the colour wheel and colour mixing; an exploration of primary and secondary colours and how artists use colour in their artwork
  • In Science we will explore Materials. We will identify everyday materials and their sources, investigate the properties of materials and begin to recognise that a material's properties define its use.
  • In DT we will look at the purpose of shelters and their materials. We will design and make shelter prototypes, then design and build a play den as a group and evaluate their completed product.

For more information about each topic you can find the knowledge organisers below.


We follow Little Wandle to teach Phonics. Please click the link for more information:


In Maths, we will continue to follow the WhiteRose scheme. In term 1 we will be covering the following areas.

  • Place value within 10
  • Addition and Subtraction within 10

If you wish to follow White Rose at home, you can see the yearly overview, small steps and individual lesson resources. new Maths home learning | Home learning | White Rose Maths



We encourage children to read daily. The children will also bring home a sound book weekly with a phonics task to complete. This will be set on a Wednesday to be returned each Monday.

Useful links to support learning at home:

1-Minute Maths App | White Rose Maths