Bathampton Primary School

Together on a Learning Adventure


At Bathampton our overarching aims of the PE, physical activity, play and competition offer are for pupils to:


  • Explore through play and PE to develop core fundamental skills
  • Engage in a wide variety of physical activities, sports and competitions
  • Ignite a passion to be active and to find a sport that is for them


We strive to ensure every pupil loves to be active and understands the essential benefits that being active brings, to both their physical and mental wellbeing.


PE Lessons


Every class has two hours of PE per week. A wide range of PE is delivered to pupils across their time at Bathampton, which focuses on developing their physical, social, thinking and personal skills. Lessons are taught by the class teacher as well as external providers for blocks and one-off sessions. 


During the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One our focus is on developing the fundamental skills of balance, agility, coordination and strength. As pupils move into Key Stage Two, they are taught how to apply these in a sporting context.


The PE curriculum and learning journey can be found below. 




From Reception to Year 6 all pupils take part in intra-competitions in their houses which provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce positive competition in a safe environment.  In Key Stage Two pupils have the opportunity to represent the school in a range of inter competitions organised with local schools and through the BANES School Sport Partnership.  We aim for competition to be positive, appropriate and inclusive and strive for every child to represent the school in a sport or activity they enjoy.

Sports Day 2021 Bathampton


Pupils swim at the Bath Leisure Centre for two terms in year 3 and 4. Children are taught in line with the national curriculum guidance and this can be found on the curriculum document.



At Bathampton, we are fortunate to have amazing grounds which give pupils the freedom to develop their social, physical and personal skills through play. We believe the opportunity for informal play is so important to build children’s physical competence and confidence.