Bathampton Primary School

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My Personal Best

My Personal Best


We have high expectations of everyone, regardless of their background or ability. Children are encouraged to achieve their ‘Personal Best’ and are given clear next steps guidance.




The school has developed a set of clear targets, which we call ‘Milestones’. Milestones for Maths include a focus on number bonds and times tables. 


The Milestones help to motivate the children and reward their effort, as they receive a certificate for each one they achieve. The children certainly like them!


‘One parent’s comment was typical of the views of others: “My child gets lots of individual attention and help, tailored to his particular needs.”



‘Teachers have a detailed and accurate understanding of pupils’ attainment and plan lessons with appropriate challenge … A robust tracking system identifies those pupils not making good enough progress and allows timely interventions to improve their learning.’



Tracking Progress


We use a variety of systems to ensure that children maintain their progress. These include ‘Writing Progress’ books, Pupil Profiles and computer-based tracking. Teachers work closely with each other at key transition points such as moving to the next class to ensure that children continue their good progress.