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Healthy Tuck Shop

Our school has been running a ‘Healthy Tuck Shop’ for several years now, offering a range of healthier snack options for all children to enjoy during morning break, twice a week. As it is run by Year 6 children, it also presents an opportunity for them to take on some additional responsibilities and learn a few of the basic skills required in running a small enterprise. 


Allsorts Healthy Tuck Shop is open for business and all children are welcome to come along and take advantage of our friendly service.


What kind of snacks are on offer? We provide a range of low sugar, low fat sweet and savoury snacks, including School Bars, Goodies oat bars and puffed snacks, Yo Yo Bears, rice cakes, etc.


How do I pay for the snacks and how much do they cost? The Healthy Tuck Shop is a card-based system. A card costs £3 and is split into 6 credits (1 credit is worth 50p). This means the children don’t have to handle money. If you would like your child to use the Healthy Tuck Shop, you will need to bring £3 (or multiple) in an envelope to the School Office clearly marked with Healthy Tuck Shop and your child’s name. 


Cards are kept by the Healthy Tuck Shop staff who will then keep a record of how many credits have been used. In general snacks will cost 1 credit. The payment is usually transferred to a card on Friday morning. Children are allowed a maximum of 1 item on each occasion. If you have already left money with the office for Healthy Tuck, this will be transferred to a new card for your child.


How will I know when my child has used up all their credits? When your child’s credits are used up, your child will be told by the Healthy Tuck Shop staff and handed their full card – so please encourage your children to pass this on to you, so that you can top up their cards accordingly.


When and where does Healthy Tuck Shop take place? Every Monday and Friday at morning break – the children can spot the Healthy Tuck Shop staff in their orange caps, at the picnic tables under the trees by Class Five.


We hope you enjoy using the Healthy Tuck Shop.