Bathampton Primary School

Together on a Learning Adventure

Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Forest School and Outdoor Learning are a huge part of who we are at Bathampton and our "Learning Adventure". We make the most of fantastic learning opportunities in the school’s  amazing fields, woods, grounds and wider community. All classes have a Forest School session each term that embraces child led learning and makes links to the wider curriculum.


Forest School sessions are tailored to the children’s age and the season, helping them to learn and enjoy being outdoors. Our school values are encompassed in every session by: building resilience, promoting teamwork, showing respect and kindness for others and nature: exploring the world around them with curiosity and showing creativity through problem solving  and woodland crafts.


Activities are appropriate to the children’s age, the weather and the season and include building dens, wood carving, using tools, making homes for insects and mini-beasts, observing nature and making camp fires.


At Bathampton, we are also keen to provide opportunities to make learning adventurous by linking the curriculum to our Forest School sessions. These topic links can include exploring fire and the "Great Fire of London", animals and their habitats, recreating "land art" in the style of Andrew Goldsworthy and learning ancient skills such as pigment dying and creating structures using "wattle and daub" as the Vikings did!


Sessions can sometimes venture off the school site and into the local community. Exploring the canal or to the Dry Arch Growers project in Bathampton.


There are many benefits of Forest School for children and if you would like to read more, you can visit the Forest School Associations website at: