Bathampton Primary School

Together on a Learning Adventure

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


Welcome to Class 1!


Here you will find our Topic Web and Knowledge Organiser for this term, School Days. 


Miss Chivers

Our learning adventure this term is School Days 

 Here is the knowledge organiser  and topic web for you topic in terms 5 and 6. 



Term 5

The way back home - Science fiction 

When I am by myself - Rhyming poetry. 

Term 6

Wombat goes walkabout - Adventure 

Bold women in black history - Biography. 



Multiplication and division 


Position and direction

Place value to 100 





Plant parts - This project teaches children about wild and garden plants by exploring the local environment. They identify and describe the basic parts of plants and observe how they change over time.


Animal parts - This project teaches children about animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates. They identify and describe their common structures, their diets and how animals should be cared for.


Art and design

Street View: This project teaches children about artwork depicting streets and buildings and focuses on the work of the American pop artist, James Rizzi.


Chop, Slice and Mash: This project teaches children about sources of food and the preparatory skills of peeling, tearing, slicing, chopping, mashing and grating. They use this knowledge and techniques to design and make a supermarket sandwich according to specific design criteria.

Class trip to Radstock Museum 

Class One visited the Radstock Museum. We were transformed into Victorian Children with waistcoats and pinafores with new Victorian names, such as Fred, Harry, Lily and Ruby. 

Then, we heard the bell ring, gave our penny to the teacher and started our lessons on Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. 


We discovered that in Victorian times, the children sat in rows at wooden desks. We used chalk and slate to write our letters and sums. If you were naughty, the teacher would use the cane on your hands, or you would have to wear the dunce's hat and stand in the corner. 


After, we split into groups and visited the COOP, Blacksmiths and the miner's cottage with laundry room and privy (toilet). 


What an amazing trip! 


Science fiction: The Way Back Home.  

Class one discovered an alien had landed in the school woods. We followed the clues to find him. How are we going to get the alien home? 


Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

We are practicing counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. The class have completed missing number problems, counting 2p, 5p and 10p to make amounts and identifying patterns. 


Plant Life

To introduce our new science topic, Plant Life, Class one have been busy growing seeds in our outdoor area. We have planted: 

- Beans 

- Peas 

- Radishes 

- Carrots 

We have been monitoring them and seeing the process of how plants become vegetables and fruits. Also, Ivy generously gave us a tomato plant for us to grow too.  

Have a look and see how well they are doing. 


Street Wise 

Class one have begun looking and discussing art which shows street views, people and objects. 

What were the similarities and differences?  Then, we created our own versions of each piece.